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The correct use of headphones What is the danger of wearing headphones for a long time?


First, the correct use of headphones

1. The earphone needs to be away from the magnetic field, otherwise the magnetic properties of the magnet of the unit will drop, and the sensitivity will decrease over time.

2. Ensure that the earphone net cover is clean and do not allow excessive exposure of the unit to dust.

3. The earphone should be kept away from moisture, otherwise the pad inside the earphone unit will rust and the resistance will increase, causing the earphone to be biased.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume of the small source device before use. Otherwise, the light will break the film fold, and the heavy one will burn the voice coil of the earphone.

5. Gold-plated plugs are useful for reducing impedance, and excessive wear can cause changes in sound quality.

6. After using the earphone, wipe off the sweat on the earphone wire, otherwise it will cause the wire to age, and finally lead to seaming and breaking.

7. The earphone can't withstand the hitting and sudden high-altitude pulling, which hurts the earphone voice coil, diaphragm and wire.

8. During the use of the headset cable should try to avoid man-made damage such as pulling, heavy pressure and so on.

9. When taking the line, be careful not to fold the line, but use a certain arc to close the line to avoid the wire breaking.

10. Headphones are personal items. It is best not to use them for communication. Be sure to clean them after using them. Earplugs should be taken care of.

11. The winter weather is cold, the wire is hard and brittle, and the excessive bending is easy to break the wire, so try not to use it outdoors.

12. People who often wear headphones to listen to music should master a "60-60 principle", which is also an internationally recognized method of protecting hearing. That is, when listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes. It is healthier to use the ear in such a situation.

The danger of wearing headphones for a long time, how to wear headphones

A scientific study in the United Kingdom has shown that wearing headphones for a long time can cause deafness to come 30 years in advance.

Headphones are usually divided into three types: head-mounted, ear-hook and in-ear. The least damage to the ear is head-mounted. Compared with the in-ear type and the ear-hook type, the head-mounted type has no advantage of being small and portable, but it does not need to be worn when worn, so the damage to the ear canal and the eardrum is minimized.

In order to avoid the damage caused by the Earphones, please pay attention when wearing: Do not open the volume of the headphones too much, you should pay attention to control the volume when listening to music or learning foreign languages with headphones, it is best to keep at 40-60 decibels (general conversation or slightly Small), it is appropriate to feel comfortable and comfortable; don't listen for a long time, adults use headphones no more than 3-4 hours a day, and intermittent listening is appropriate, it is best to let the ears rest for half an hour; pay attention to keep earplugs Cleaning, cleaning every time after use; in the bus, subway, noisy streets and other noisy environments, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, call, ride.

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