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How to identify the quality of the car charger?


1. please buy regular licensed

Please be sure to buy regular manufacturers have after-sales protection products, do not buy and use three no products, or there is no quality complaints, no regrets. When you purchase, please recognize that it is Chinese-printed and licensed. Because English packaging is mainly sold to foreign markets, it is not guaranteed in China.

2. understand the main parameters

In principle, as long as the charger sees the nominal voltage and the device to be charged, it can be charged, but the power of the charger is also a very important technical parameter. If a low-power charger is used to charge the high-power device, it will cause low power. The charger is burnt out due to overheating (eg IPOD charger can't charge IPAD), zui chooses charger with power of 1A or 2A

3. only choose the right one is not expensive

Although the car inverter can invert the 12V power supply to 220V AC, but the cost is high, and the car will have an impact when using high-power equipment, and the Car Charger or converter converts 12V DC into 5-20V. DC power, low power consumption, high safety factor, and much cheaper price, so if the electrical appliances used in the car are not very special, the car charger or converter can meet the needs of most car owners.

4. safety is very important

Circuit design should include over-voltage, over-current, over-heat and short-circuit protection. More effective protection of your electronic equipment casing also uses ABS flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, which are both beautiful and safe.

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