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Diffrence between earphone and earbud , which is better?


First, the pronunciation principle may be different

The non-in-ear earplug is a moving coil structure, and the in-ear earplug includes a moving coil, a moving iron, and a piezoelectric structure.

Second, the requirements are different

In-ear earplugs form a closed space in the ear canal and the ear canal after wearing, so that external sound will be enlarged into the ear canal through the earplug casing, which is what we often call the stethoscope effect.

The stethoscope effect can seriously affect normal listening.

In order to avoid the effect of the stethoscope, the in-ear earplugs require the wire to be as soft as possible to avoid rubbing with clothing. Some earplug wires are not soft enough, such as E2C, E5C, etc., but the stethoscope effect of these earplugs is not serious, which is another way to avoid it. Around the ear! The wire is wound around the ear for a week so that even if the wire is shaken, there is no stethoscope effect.

Third, the main purposes are different

In-ear earplugs can effectively block external noise because they are close to the ear canal, and open earplugs can't do this. Therefore, listening to music or other things in a noisy place, buying earplugs is a good choice. As for some people who think that earplugs are hearing, we will talk about it in another article. I won't go into details here. However, it is clear that the ear plug does not actually hurt the hearing. But to remind everyone, because the sound insulation ability of the ear plug is outstanding, it is not recommended to wear on the road, after all, safety first.

Fourth, the sound style is different

Because of its closed design, the earplugs directly penetrate the ear canal, so the sound is more delicate, the air attenuation problem is relatively small, and the open earplugs are relatively large due to the sound attenuation through the air, resulting in details that are not natural and delicate. The insufficiency of the earplugs is that the control of the low frequency is in a closed structure. Therefore, when the low frequency is slightly sufficient, the reverberation problem will be more prominent, and the moving coil structure itself has a relatively large low frequency reverberation. Features, so in such a situation.

Fourth, on the two aspects of hearing damage

All along, many people have mentioned in-ear earplugs, which always think they hurt their hearing. In fact, this view is caught in a misunderstanding.

There are many reasons for hearing loss, such as listening time, volume, and so on. The main concern here is the volume problem.

The sound we usually hear is usually between 40-60 decibels, so the volume should be controlled here when listening. The sound of the open earphone is easily disturbed by external noise, and the human hearing will reflect the loss of power due to noise, so in a noisy environment, the sound will be unconsciously opened to a very large size. After returning to a quiet environment, listen to it again and you will understand the problem. In-ear Earphones can isolate most of the noise because of the way they are worn. Therefore, in noisy environments, it is generally not necessary to turn up the volume, which will protect the hearing.

But because of this problem, I suggest that you must not wear it when you walk through the road or drive. Otherwise, traffic accidents are easy to occur.

Five, the choice of ear earplugs

Everyone often asks, what kind of rubber sleeve is better, in fact, there is no unified answer.

The size of a person's ear hole is different. Even for the same person, the size of the left and right ear canal is often different. The standard of choice is to look at the sealing. If the sealing is not good, there will be leakage, the sound will dry up, the burrs will be large, and the low frequency will be insufficient. Nowadays, earphones are usually shipped with a variety of rubber sleeves, so that you can choose according to your own conditions. Others are only talking about their own situation. The reference is just a comparison of the sense of hearing to determine whether they have achieved the qualities they should have. The rest of the role is not great.

Sixth, in-ear earplugs

The difference between the sea cover and the ordinary sea cover in the ear earplugs is relatively large, and there are many differences between the rubber sleeves and the rubber sleeves. Therefore, the sponge sleeve of the ear plug is cylindrical and has a hose inside. When you wear it, pinch the sponge and stuff it into your ear. Then the sponge will swell on your own and close to the ear canal. The advantage of the sponge cover is that it is comfortable to wear, the stethoscope effect is lower, the low frequency is relatively large, the high frequency is weakened, and the disadvantage is that it is easily contaminated. Therefore, it is recommended that the sponge cover should be changed frequently, and not to be used by many people.

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