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Difference between moving iron headphones and dynamic headphones ?Which is better?


In peacetime, you may often hear people around you talking about the words moving and moving iron when talking about headphones. Although you don`t know the specific meaning of these two words, you can also know one from those people`s conversations. Second; for example, the dynamic low-frequency headphones, the sound is warm, the sound field is large; the resolution of the moving iron headphones is good, the sound is relatively dry (cold), the price is expensive, etc., so that the white users listen to the fog, " I K, buy a headset and have so much attention?"

In fact, for a headset, almost all the mysteries are in the unit of the headset, although only the size of the palm (finger belly), but the knowledge inside is really a lot; and the dynamic circle and moving iron refer to the positive It is the unit of the earphone and the key component of the earphone sound; it directly determines the sound characteristics of the earphone, suitable for listening to pop or jazz, vocal or rock, etc.; therefore, we need to have a certain understanding of the moving coil and the moving iron unit. So, you will not blindly purchase headphones, but also know more exactly what kind of headphones you need; then today we will come together to understand the moving ring and moving iron.

Preliminary understanding of moving coils and moving iron units

Cost difference:

Dynamic headphones can be said to be the absolute mainstream headphones on the market. The headphones we usually use are basically moving coil units, whether it is head-mounted or ear-plug type; and the price of dynamic headphones is generally cheaper (of course, expensive) Most of the Earphones on Taobao that are more than ten yuan to several hundred yuan are moving coils. This also shows that the cost of moving coil units can be controlled very low. The unit cost of those ten yuan headphones is about one or two cents. (No kidding), merchants rely on the volume, and of course, there are more to sell; while the moving iron unit is relatively costly, even if you buy an entry-level moving iron headset, you must at least Two or three hundred yuan.

Dynamic headphones

Dynamic unit structure

Volume difference:

The headphones we usually use are moving coil units, including all kinds of speakers on the market, and all of them are moving coil units; it can also be made very small, earphones are generally 9mm in diameter. Or a 13.5mm moving coil unit for plugging into our ear; like the iron triangle ATH-CKN50, this in-ear earphone uses a micro-motion unit with a diameter of only 5.7mm, making the headset smaller and lighter. More comfortable. The moving iron unit is only a little larger than the rice grain, and a silicone earplug can be easily inserted into the depth of our ear canal; therefore, the volumetric characteristics of the moving iron unit determine that the moving iron earphones are basically in-ear type. .

Moving iron headphones

Small moving iron unit

working principle:

We all know that sound is generated by vibration. To produce sound, it is necessary to have a vibration source (object). The film inside the earphone is the vibration source. The film is provided with a conductive coil, and the current flows through the conductive coil to generate a magnetic field. The interaction between the magnetic field and the permanent magnet material drives the vibration of the film to produce sound, which is the working principle of the moving coil unit. The moving iron unit is transmitted to the center point of a micro diaphragm through a structurally rigid connecting rod, thereby generating vibration and sound. There will be some differences in the working principle between the two.

Learn more about the difference between moving/moving iron headphones

Dynamic unit features:

The dynamic earphones are available in various forms. They are mainly divided into open type, semi-open type and closed type. For open type headphones, the area of the moving coil unit is large, and more needs to be made in the process of sounding. Space and air participate in vibration, so it is impossible to effectively control the phenomenon of leakage. There is no sense of isolation from the outside world. If the degree of opening of the earphone is high, the sound from the other side of the unit can be heard, forming a certain mutual feedback, making the sense of hearing natural. However, its low frequency loss is large, and for some music with strong rhythm and low frequency, it may sound unpleasant. However, open-type headphones generally have a natural listening sound, a large sound field, and comfortable wearing. Most of the headphones used for music at home are mainly open or semi-open.

Open dynamic headphones have a larger sound field. The three-frequency connection is smoother.

Moving iron unit features:

The moving iron earphone unit is very small and can be easily inserted into the depth of our ear canal. This in-ear configuration also allows the moving iron earphone to be closed only; however, it can also be designed as a multi-unit. Headphones, in addition to the ultra-classic single-unit moving iron earplugs like the Etymotic ER4, there are also two-unit, five-unit, even one-side earplugs that can be inserted into twelve units of custom-grade moving iron earplugs (JH24) There are 12 units in the single earplugs, priced at 14,000 yuan), these headphones have high sensitivity, transient performance and analysis, etc., the music dynamic, instantaneous detail performance, sound density is far better than Dynamic earplugs. However, due to the size limitation and the sealed design, even the more expensive moving iron earplugs have no open dynamic headphones (head-mounted) in terms of sound field.

The sound details of the moving iron headphones are clearer and the layering is stronger.

Frequency response curve:

The vibrating diaphragm of the unit of the dynamic earphone is generally bonded to each other by the glue and the guide coil, so there are many influencing factors in this area, and each unit has more or less individual differences, and The circle unit will be affected by the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. The frequency response curve may have some audible changes in the human ear, which may affect the sense of hearing. The moving iron unit is made of metal material and manufactured by high-precision mold. Its precision and manufacturing process are more complicated. Together with the sealed design of the earplug, the frequency response curve and overall sound of the moving iron earphone are made. The quality performance is more stable; there will be no change in the sense of hearing. Moreover, the moving iron earphone with small volume and sealed sound is better than the dynamic earphone with relatively large unit area in sound insulation effect, and the effect of listening to songs is better in outdoor environment.

Analysis of the sound characteristics of moving/moving iron headphones

Dynamic / moving iron unit comparison:

Some people say that the sound characteristics and descriptions of headphones and speakers are metaphysical and benevolent; this seems to make some sense, but if you use audio parameters to compare the different characteristics of the moving and moving iron headphones, you will find them There will still be many differences. First of all, the moving iron unit is small in size and is a closed container, so it can be driven with only a small current, so its density is high, even at a small volume. Sound quality, so you can hear pure sound without adding volume in a noisy environment. This is also why the moving iron unit is widely used in medical, health care and other fields (such as hearing aids). The dynamic headphones are obviously not able to do this.

Closed dynamic earphone

The sound characteristics of the two:

Low impedance and high resolution are also the characteristics of moving iron headphones. The playback of sound details is better, and the layering of low, medium and high tri-bands is more obvious. The three-frequency connection of dynamic headphones is smoother and smoother. Naturally, although the sound density will be loose, there is no compact moving iron earphone, but thanks to the large-sized moving coil unit, its sound range is very wide, which is more suitable for listening to classical music and large-scale music. Because of the very fast transient response, the moving iron earphones have excellent performance in following the sudden signal of music, and they are not suitable for listening to fast-paced and compact music (such as pop and rock).

Multi-unit moving iron headphones have excellent sound but are more expensive

Sound field:

The dynamic earphone has a very obvious advantage - the sound field. For a good open earphone, its sound field is very wide, and it has a very good performance for creating the overall atmosphere and surround feeling of the music; With its own volume limitation and sealed structure, the sound field will appear very narrow, and there is no such thing as a grand atmosphere; although the current multi-unit moving iron earphones compensate for the deficiency of the single-unit frequency response range to some extent, it needs to be divided. The device coordinates the work of multiple units (because the more the unit is more severely distorted), and the price is more expensive, it will cost several thousand dollars.

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