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Are the zipper earbuds good? The earbuds never tangled


Is a zipper headset good?

A zippered earphone belongs to an electronic product, including a zipper earphone wire, an earplug and a plug, and mainly solves the problem that the common earphone cable is easily entangled with each other.

Structure and composition

The zipper earphone mainly consists of three parts: an earplug, a zipper earphone wire and a plug.


The earplugs of the zipper Earphones mainly have a moving coil method and a moving iron method according to the manner of their transduction, and the electrostatic type and the equal magnetic earplugs are relatively small. In terms of wearing form, it is mainly used on the earplug type and the ear strap type, and the headband type earplug is relatively small. From the headphone wire material, it also includes metal zipper headphones, injection zipper headphones, nylon zipper headphones and so on.

Zipper headphone cable

Different from the ordinary earphone cable, the zipper earphone cable is also called an electronic data zipper wire, and is characterized in that a zipper body is arranged on the inner side of the earphone wire, and a zipper is provided on two earphone wires with a zipper body. The body pulls the zipper head, and some of the zipper earphone wires also have a volume adjustment switch. The wire adopts a single-head closed-end zipper technology, and the two ends are respectively fixed to prevent the zipper head from slipping off.


Mainly used for the transmission of analog audio. The head is the left channel, the middle is the right channel, and the bottom is the common ground.


Many people like to listen to songs. For music sounds, they don't affect others. People like to use headphones. However, once the traditional earphone cable is separated, it cannot be restored to the merged state. In use, the most common problem is that the earphone cable is easy to entangle. The problem, if the headphone cable is not finished after use, it will be arranged for a long time when it is used next time. It is more troublesome, and the zipper headphones came into being.


The headphone cable has a zipper. When the earphone is idle, the earphone cable can be zippered and used to avoid messy and easy to organize the earphone cable. The length of the earphone cable can be adjusted freely during use, and the earphone cable can be restored after being separated. It is very convenient to use in the merged state.


1. When pulling the zipper earphone, you must first close the teeth on both sides, the top must be aligned, and then pull the earphone zipper head gently along the track, you can not pull too hard.

2. when moving the zipper head, be careful not to twist the clothes or cloth and other debris into the earphone zipper, so as not to cause "tooth skew", "broken belly", "toothing" and so on.

3. earplug maintenance: zipper earphones on the earplugs is a more sophisticated thing, the collision will cause internal parts loose or damaged, severe collisions will cause the earphone diaphragm deformation, damage to the earplugs. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to avoid the collision of earplugs.

4. zipper headset wire maintenance: after using the headset to wipe off the sweat on the headset line, because these substances secreted by the human body, containing oil or something, is the invisible killer of the wire. At the bend of the ear, after a long time, the wire will age and eventually lead to seaming and breaking. Pay attention to the maintenance methods of metal zipper earphone wires for rubber products. If you do not let oil, acid, alkali and other things contaminate the wires, wipe them with a dry towel when you have these.

5. plug maintenance: At present, many earplugs have chosen a gold-plated plug, which is very helpful for reducing the impedance, the transitional wear will also lead to changes in the sound quality of the zipper headphones. This layer of gold plating is generally very thin. If it is inserted and removed many times, the surface will wear out very quickly. Therefore, don't pull the earplugs off without any problems, which will not be good for the earplugs, and will make the interface of the machine change. Loose, resulting in problems such as poor contact.


When the earphone is in use, the zipper body is pulled apart, and the length of the zipper can be freely grasped. When not in use, the two earphone wires can be re-merged together to avoid clutter and easy to organize.

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