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1.Which type of headphones are better?How to choose which type of headphone are best for you ?


1.Types and advantages and disadvantages of headphones

Monitor: Focus on listening to the various details in the sound.

Advantages: the sound is generally clear and the sound quality is better;

Disadvantages: The lack of emotions in the human voice seems to be unable to get the best results.

HIFI style: Designed with music in mind.

Advantages: The sound is more characteristic, the performance of the counterpart music will be very charming, can achieve the best results;

Disadvantages: Generally targeted design.

Game film style: Designed with analog multi-channel as the focus.

Advantages: watching movies and playing games are very powerful, and the sound is clearly positioned;

Disadvantages: The effect of playing back music is not good.

Noise reduction: Designed to reduce environmental noise.

Advantages: Music can be heard clearly even in very noisy environments;

Disadvantages: The noise reduction algorithm will reduce the sound quality and the price is higher.

Portable: Designed to be easy to carry out and go out.

Advantages: relatively light, soundproof is generally better;

Disadvantages: The sound quality is usually more general, and the wearing comfort is more general.

Sporty: Designed with a strong fit.

Advantages: It is not easy to fall when worn, suitable for sports use;

Disadvantages: the sound quality is generally poor, and the wearing comfort is also poor.

2. earphone purchase tips


The type you choose can be considered based on your needs and financial ability. Generally speaking, the electric earphone has the characteristics of stable sound quality, simple structure and low price, which is suitable for general people to choose. The capacitive earphone has the characteristics of good sound quality and frequency bandwidth, but the price is high, which is suitable for enthusiasts. .


Because it takes a long time to wear, the Earphones should have a very soft and comfortable ear pad and a very low pressure head ring. As for whether to use the earbud type or the cover type, depending on the specific situation, it is always impossible to use a large full-cover earphone cover on your ear on a hot day.


You can understand the performance indicators in its manual, generally required to reach the minimum, 20-20KHz frequency range, greater than 94db/mW sensitivity, greater than 100mW maximum power, less than 0.5% harmonic distortion and so on. If you do not meet the above requirements, it is best not to buy.


Judging from the appearance, the authentic headphones have a smooth appearance, fine workmanship, and excellent hand feeling. There should be no rough feeling of using inferior plastic. In addition, the lead wire of the earphone should have a thick wire diameter and be soft and not hard. The plug is required to be standardized and smooth, and the coating is smooth and uniform.

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