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How to charge your cell phone safely and efficiently?


Now cell phones are very important things in the life , when you charge it safety is necessary and efficiency is our favorite .

How to charge your cell phone safely and high efficiently?

First of all , use a suitable charger and cable .

Needless to say, the charger that comes with the phone is the best, which is recognized by everyone. Because mobile phone manufacturers from the beginning of the design will let the charger achieve the best balance between charging speed and battery life.

Speaking of Charging Cable , as the cable in case always be damaged after short or long period of use we have to buy another one in the market , how to choose ?

To choose a charging line suitable for your mobile phone, generally speaking, the larger the current, the faster the charging speed will be. But besides the current of the charging line, the charging speed is also related to the charger. It is better to choose a charging line that matches your mobile phone. In this way, not only the charging efficiency is high, but also there is no potential safety hazard.

Second , charging with flight mode

We can turn on the flight mode of the mobile phone first and then connect the charging line, because once the mobile phone turns on the flight mode, it will stop receiving the wireless signal. It just wants to be in a dormant state at that time, so the charging speed will be much faster at that time. When the battery is almost charged, we can turn off the flight mode.

Plus , don't wait until the battery is exhausted, because the current smartphones are generally lithium batteries. If the phone is running out of power, it will easily affect the internal activity of the battery.

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